electrical diploma

Level 2 electrical installation diploma is a diploma for becoming a qualified electrician in a domestic field without having to study the degree of electrical engineering. You don’t need any prior experience of working in commercial sector or any apprenticeship and still get a license to practice the field. The most important thing to be kept in mind while opting for this profession is that you should have an aptitude of an electrician and should be familiar with electrical appliances and how they works. Some of the points to highlight while going for level 2 electrical installation diploma are

This diploma benefits you in getting any job in this profession without spending four years in getting a degree of an electrician and the diploma will further help you achieve level 3 of electrical installation because it will give you necessary experience too by giving you jobs to practice the field. The course is of eight weeks at an electrical training centre that will make you learn how to operate different electrical tools and equipment in order to fix certain issues with appliances.

What is the difference between a normal and a level 2 electrician?

A normal electrician and a level 2 electrician differs in training. A normal electrician will be able to fix your home appliances issues, electricity issues of the house, and fixing electrical appliances easily whereas a level 2 electrician is trained enough to perform certain rigorous tasks like

Meter Installations

In order to keep track of power usage and billing status of electricity in your home you need an electric meter, A level 2 electrician is authorized and licensed to install a power meter in your house which is not easily be done by any random electrician.

Disconnection and Reconnection

When there is electricity spark or phase up down the level 2 electrician has an authority to disconnect the power supply of an area in order to safeguard the surroundings and people of any electrical service providers in sydney hazard. When the fault has been detected and resolved only a level 2 electrician can again connect the power supply.

Underground power supply

Electricity is run usually on 2 phases, a single phase and 3 phase. A single phase is used in domestic uses while 3 phase is for industrial and commercial purposes and has 2 wires connection, supplying phase 3 is only a job of a level 2 or 3 electrician and not of a normal electrician he has the skill and knowledge of connecting the right wires to induce phase 3 supply and upgrade power.

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